Hello! My name is Anna Rudy. I am a natural born artist and traveller. Trained as an architect and manager. With the group of excellent minds and finest people I prepare architectural projects, interior & graphic design and all kind of image involved art.

We mix beauty with space, image and regulations, put our hearts to fulfil our clients desires or even exceed their expectations.


254 projects is a constant flow of ideas which we form into places where you would like to stay, arts you would like to look at, photos that open your eyes for beauty of the world, graphic design that clarify your thoughts.

The 254 company was established in 2010, but experience in architecture & design was gathered since 2006  by working for different companies both small architectural practices and worldwide known corporations. My architectural education has been gained on Technical University in Wrocław, artistic on Academies of Fine Arts in Wrocław and Cracow and is continuously evolving..

Though my work is more a mission, my contribution in changing our world positively. Maybe that is the reason most Customers come from recommendation.

Would you like to free yourself from mediocre solutions and dare to dream bigger than ever? Well we can show you how.


“Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”

Thor Heyerdahl

So far our experience was gathered in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Russian Federation, Germany, Poland ) and Asia. But since distance is not a problem nor borders so we can talk about your inquiry anytime anywhere. We are in constant search for bigger challenge anyway so maybe your order is on our way...